Thursday, July 23, 2009

Entertaining Your Kids - Summer Series - The Greatest Show On Earth Part II

When asked if my family would like to go to the Circus, we adjusted our clown noses and "stepped right up". As I shared before (read more) I haven't been to a Ringling Brothers Circus since I was nine, now that Nick is nine the timimng couldn't be more perfect. Our day started early as we watched the elephants eat breakfast and have a bath a "Pachyderm Scrub Down", if you will. We met and chated with Libby Morris, senior animal specialist. Libby, mother of 2, spends so much time with her "other kids, the elephants" they have become a part of her family. Thanks Libby for spending time with us!!! And thanks Jennifer for giving my son memories he can share with his children. This was a very special day!

That is Nick feeding the elephants!!!

They were so gentle and playful.

After feeding the elephants, they were best friends with Nick!

The show was fantastic....

Yes, even HappyHourMom had to get into the act
with this cutiepie~wink. (no comments please... hubby took the picture)

So.... any other circus people out there?

Share your memories of the circus with us. I want to hear about it, and if you've never been....what are you waiting for???

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Entertaining Your Kids - Summer Series - Sea World Summer Nights

We love Shamu!!!
Which is why when we got an invitation to experience
Sea World's Summer Nights
we jumped at the chance! Our last visit to Sea World was a once in a lifetime memory maker.... (read about it here)

We had never been to Sea World after dark. We usually get there early and head out at sunset, with wet clothes. The boys love the water rides there. This trip we planned on staying into the night and I'm so glad we did. We headed to the car and changed into warmer (dry) clothes. They have lockers near the enterance, but the parking is so convienent (we always upgrade $5 to prefered parking and park really close) we don't even need the lockers. Parking close is a lifesaver when little legs get tired after a long day!

After exploring Sea World's website at I am so impressed... If you were on the fence about making Sea World part of your vacation this summer visiting their website, hearing the music, watching the beautiful slide shows makes you want to get in the car and go now~ Another totally unique feature Sea World has on their website is the ability to share the Sea World photos of your personal family trip. Easy to use, follow the instructions to upload your Sea World photos and watch as they are displayed with other families' memories online. It's a gem of an idea! And the music is a nice Sea World touch!!!

Living in L.A., San Diego is just a hop, skip, and a jump away which makes for the perfect little weekend getaway. There are many family friendly hotels to choose from...... more on that later.

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