Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mickey Goes Green

Happy Earth Day Friends!

We have a few plans to celebrate Earth Day. First today, we will head over to our local Disney Store... have you heard???

Disney Store locations nationwide will host a plastic bottle recycling program called “Recycling is Magic.” To help educate children on the benefits of recycling, Disney Store is inviting everyone to bring in empty plastic bottles and toss them into a unique recycling bin. On April 22, while supplies last, guests can exchange three empty bottles for a free commemorative Earth Day reusable water bottle.

Recycling=free present from The Disney Store sounds like fun to me!

Next, my whole family will be going to see the movie Disneynature earth. Even Nick's 3rd grade class is going to see Earth together. Watch the trailer. For Tickets to The El Captian Theater call 1-800-Disney6 . Want to see Earth with your friends? Save 40% on a group of 20 or more at The El Captian Theatre by calling (818) 845-3110. Additionally, for every ticket sold for Earth during the first week of it’s release, Disney will plant a tree in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, one of the most endangered rainforests in the world.
Plus- Wildlife experts showcase exotic animals from around the world, LIVE only on the El Capitan Stage!!!

P.S. You can download Earth Educational materials for free at There is a super cool 8 page Earth activity guide and a 58 page Earth's educator's guide.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Places To Take The Kids For Spring Break (series)....Hannah Montana The Movie, Starts Today!

Ever since we saw her first concert, Miley Cyrus won me over! She performs like a rock star singing her heart out and gives each show her all. And after meeting her, I was convinced Billy Ray's real talent is in raising his daughter... not singing or haircuts!!! I personally am excited to take Nick and his friends to see this kid flick. I am anticipating an "afterschool special" type of message. Wouldn't that be nice?

Here's a peek at the movie and the Let's Get Crazy music video.

As for where to see it... There's only one place to be*
I'm a big fan of The El Capitan Theatre...
You may remember as I've posted before.

*Side Note- Do you remember the Jonas Brothers Movie? Well, it played here and opening weekend they made a top secret live appearance before the movie to the "thrill" or should I say "shrill" of their fans. Not that I've heard Miley will be at the theatre.... I'm just saying.

This special theatre is a history lesson, Old Hollywood style. It's not just going to the movies it's an all day event. My son loves the "Hollywood Scene". I wonder where he gets it? All I have to do is say the word and he's ready to go in his coolest jeans. "How do I look Mom?", turned into "will you get me an agent?" Yes, he keeps asking. (I just might have to look into it)

Upcoming Events on the Marquee:

April 10th-21................Hannah Montana The Movie
April 22nd.................Disney nature earth

Tickets are available at the El Capitan Theatre (6838 Hollywood Blvd.), online at, or by calling 1-800-DISNEY6.
Special group rates for parties of 20 or more are available by calling 1-818-845-3110.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wii Are Getting Fit Together

We are on Spring Break this week. I have been planning activities to keep us busy and yesterday we had no plans. I started to panic. Would boredom set in? Nope, we have Wii!!! My son grabbed the bag we keep our Wii games in and spread them out the length of the couch. "Wow Mom, which one should we play first???" Then he began to do the ennie-meenie- minenie- moe thing. Five minutes and 16 verses later he had picked Wii Fit. We played, um I mean exercised for almost 2 hours laughing, jumping, hula hooping and even managed to break a sweat... Exercising disguised as fun with your children what can be better than that, I ask you?

Then it got really good, I actually have my own personal trainer. I feel like a "star" or at least "The Biggest Loser". The trainer is all part of Nintendo's Wii Fit. You have your choice between a nicely toned woman with flat abs, or a hunkie kind of a guy. I surprised myself by choosing the girl, but after 2 days of her I think I will be switching to him... let's call him "Ken" as in Barbie's stud. Did I mention there's Yoga? Yep, Yoga!

5 things I love about getting Fit with Wii:

1. I don't have to brush my hair (or teeth) before I workout, my personal trainer "Ken" doesn't even mind.

2. Doing Yoga in my living room with my son is a good thing.

3. Jogging around an island without leaving your house.

4. No monthly gym memberships. YaY!

5. The built in scale, BMI Calculator and graphs helps you set goals and automatically tracks your progress.

How it is:

After only 1 day of Yoga (30 min.) I woke up sore, not bad but I could feel it. And that means it working right?

Today was day 2 and it felt really good to "Salute the Sun". Who knew "tree" would require so much control? It sounded so innocent, ouchie.

This "working out" in my living room thing is really "working out" for me!

I heart Wii Yoga

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Places To Take The Kids For Spring Break (series)... Universal Studios

A Spring "Break" that Lasts

There's so much to share, I don't really know where to begin...
The Entertainment Capital of L.A.,Universal Studios gives you a rare glimpse into the world of movie making. Taking a Tram Studio Tour through one of the world's largest working movie and studio lot makes Universal Studios a one of a kind experience. *Trams go Hi Def in June, 2009 with new flat-screen HD monitors installed in each Tram car.

Finally, a place that caters to the tween/teen crowd and adults will enjoy it just as much or more! A perfect example of this is the walk through attractions House of Horrors. This Mom considers this a "wet your pants" kind of scary. The Revenge of the Mummy Ride is for the hard-core thrill seekers (and it goes backwards) Awesome! Being that I lost my hat on that ride, (bummer) I highly recommend you use the lockers provided for everything, even glasses!
Honorable Mention: Hubby's park favorite is Terminator 2: 3D.

There's also family fun with the Curious George water play area, perfect for a hot day, adults are encouraged to get wet too. You will also see newly escaped animals of Madagascar roaming about...

Hey, is that a Sponge with Square Pants????

The list of characters making appearances is long...

Shrek, Donkey & Princess Fiona


Curious George

All of The Simpsons

Shaggy & Scooby Doo

Dora The Explorer & Diego

Alex the Lion and the Penguins from 'Madagascar'

and more....

Shrek 4-D was a fun flick you won't want to miss...
also a great place to cool off on a hot day.


This ride is a "fly off your seat" adventure in true Simpsons style.

Next Stop: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park-The Ride was the family favorite. We have introduced all 3 movies on DVD to our son recently so it was right up our alley. But I will say, this ride is so well done you will enjoy it even if you are not familiar with the movies.

*Insider info-
Buy a souvenir bucket of popcorn $4.99 & get unlimited free refills!
Buy a souvenir lidded cup w/ straw $7.99 & get unlimited refills for .69 cents.
Another deal worth looking into, the all you can eat
Meal Pass.

If you're planning on visiting the park during the busy season or on a hot day, do yourself a huge favor and purchase the Front of the Line Pass Entry Ticket. Does it cost extra? Sure. Is it worth it? OMG, Every Penny!

Universal CityWalk, located just outside the gates of Universal Studios features 65 entertainment-themed restaurants, nightclubs, and shops (admission is free).

*Parent Tips-
Visiting the park with a small child? Take advantage of the child switch program available at several rides. Built in (very nice) changing tables are available in every bathroom.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Places To Take The Kids For Spring Break (series)... Sea World

Start your day at Breakfast with Shamu. You'll get a seat next to Sea World's biggest star, plus enjoy an-all-you-care-to-eat buffet that will take care of even the biggest appetites well into the afternoon. *We didn't get a chance to do this, but I hear it's is one of the best kept secrets in the park.

It's Show Time!!!

Let's face it, Sea World is all about the shows and who doesn't love shows?
Our hands down favorite is...

We had the totally random good fortune to be asked if Nick would like to meet Shamu, talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!!!

The music will choke you up and watching the way the trainers love that beautiful animal will give you chills. No matter how many times I've seen Shamu, it's like the first time all over again.

of our magical day

The other can't miss shows are:

Pet's Rule! Jump roping dogs, a tight rope walking cat, and a pot belly pig... this is a show every kid must see!

Shamu Rocks (spring break and summer nights only).
Dolphin Discovery this is a great show with surprise spoof. The preshow musician gets the audience clapping and singing along.
Sea Lions LIVE is a silly show with lots of slap happy comedy.
Cirque de la Mer (Memorial Day through Labor Day) one-of -a-kind performances, you will want to see this magical show twice.

Be sure to check out the different discounts for residents of San Diego and Southern California. Sea World's Fun Card= Pay for a day, visit all of 2009 and you'll want to visit again and again during the many events they have planned during their year full of fun.

Read the Insider Tips before you go!

P.S. Don't forget your Shamu shaped Pretzel...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Places To Take The Kids For Spring Break (series)... Kidspace children's museum

Kidspace children's museum is a hidden gem nestled in the Rose Bowl area of Pasadena. An easy drive from most areas in L.A. and the O.C.

This hands-on museum is one-of-a-kind and will keep the attention of wide range of ages from 2-10. Admission is only $9. (the price of a movie) for several hours of learning disguised as fun! And that, my friends is the best kind!! I recommend bringing a friend for you and the kiddos, the more the merrier, right?!

There's always something great happening at Kidspace

P.S. Don't forget the sunscreen, the outside activities are just as enticing!
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