Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Putting Christ back into Christmas

And No, I'm not talking about shouting the the Lords name in vain at the guy who stole my parking spot while I was shopping at Target for Christmas gifts.
I'm talking about the real deal... I returned home from my Mom to Mom ministry feeling full of Christmas blessings. I choose a family to adopt this Christmas, and the reason I choose this family is they have a 5 year old boy. My son is eight but I know he will be able to relate to this boy as we purchase things to give him for Christmas. These are the things DanieI has asked Santa for this year: new shoes, a warm jacket, balls and an action figure. Once you wipe your eyes, keep reading. The feeling of giving makes your heart swell when you realize Daniel needs a warm coat and new shoes for kindergarten. It makes you think, I've been entertaining friends and family and the cost of wine alone,would give Daniel a Merry Christmas. So, this girl's going shopping. I thought I was completely done with my Christmas shopping, but God had other plans!
I am grateful to have 40 women I can look to as examples of growing their spiritual lives.
Thank You my Mom to Mom sisters!
This is a short but sweet little story.... There's nothing like being at a Disney Park and being reminded of those three little words.

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Jen said...

What a great reminder that Christmas is about so much more.

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