Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wii Are Getting Fit Together

We are on Spring Break this week. I have been planning activities to keep us busy and yesterday we had no plans. I started to panic. Would boredom set in? Nope, we have Wii!!! My son grabbed the bag we keep our Wii games in and spread them out the length of the couch. "Wow Mom, which one should we play first???" Then he began to do the ennie-meenie- minenie- moe thing. Five minutes and 16 verses later he had picked Wii Fit. We played, um I mean exercised for almost 2 hours laughing, jumping, hula hooping and even managed to break a sweat... Exercising disguised as fun with your children what can be better than that, I ask you?

Then it got really good, I actually have my own personal trainer. I feel like a "star" or at least "The Biggest Loser". The trainer is all part of Nintendo's Wii Fit. You have your choice between a nicely toned woman with flat abs, or a hunkie kind of a guy. I surprised myself by choosing the girl, but after 2 days of her I think I will be switching to him... let's call him "Ken" as in Barbie's stud. Did I mention there's Yoga? Yep, Yoga!

5 things I love about getting Fit with Wii:

1. I don't have to brush my hair (or teeth) before I workout, my personal trainer "Ken" doesn't even mind.

2. Doing Yoga in my living room with my son is a good thing.

3. Jogging around an island without leaving your house.

4. No monthly gym memberships. YaY!

5. The built in scale, BMI Calculator and graphs helps you set goals and automatically tracks your progress.

How it is:

After only 1 day of Yoga (30 min.) I woke up sore, not bad but I could feel it. And that means it working right?

Today was day 2 and it felt really good to "Salute the Sun". Who knew "tree" would require so much control? It sounded so innocent, ouchie.

This "working out" in my living room thing is really "working out" for me!

I heart Wii Yoga

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Lori, aka The Janitor said...

Fun post! We don't have a Wii yet, just XBOX 360, so we'll have to check it out! Dance Dance Revolution just doesn't have the same end result as Wii Yoga!

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