Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Got Milk? Yes We Do!

Building a strong family is one of my jobs as a mom.
Milk makes it easy for me. I know at every meal I'm giving my son stronger bones and a great source of protein. Chocolate milk is a great option for a sweet treat or with an after school snack.

And speaking of after school, thanks to my new friends at for the invitation to hang out and Chill after school in "The Backyard" of the swanky W Hotel. The W has created a hybrid ice skating rink right in their own Winter Wonderland Backyard The kids had a great time playing, ice skating, and of course drinking milk....... all on a perfect sunny California day.

I'd like to share with you

Just launched, a program to help make it eaiser for moms everywhere to put milk on their family's table in 2010.
Want to help?
Help families in need by passing a virtual gallon of milk to friends on Facebook ( For every virtual gallon passed, $1 (up to $100,000) will go to Feeding America.

A gift for you...

Remember when your mother used to say "Drink Your Milk"? Lucky for my generation, it seems Grandmas are more involved than ever with their grandchildren.
I'd like to raise a glass to my Mom for raising milk loving kids and grandkids-
Thanks for everything you do Mom, I love you! We couldn't wait to pose for our Milk Mustache photos
Check out this great post from my sister in real life....

Thank you Chris Polk for making us feel like "stars" for a day. Our Milk Mustache photos were taken by the awesome Mark Davis. Thank you to Brian, I look forward to meeting you some day. Abby, Sarah and Shannon you gals are great, thanks for having us!


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