Monday, February 6, 2012

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament has a New Show

Here Ye! Here Ye! 

There is a New Show.... 
My family and I went back in time entering the Medieval Times castle for the premiere of the new show in Buena Park, CA. The new show has been almost 2 years in the making with exciting events including falconry, horsemanship, sword fights and live jousting. The IV ACT Show had us almost too excited to eat, we didn't want to miss a thing. And speaking of eating the food is great and have you heard there are no utensils? That's right this dinner is hands on, literally. This is a HUGE hit with the kids (and husbands)!

The show opens with the mystical bond between man and horse.
Liberty Horse

We greet the Knights, champions of the six provinces. The King arrives to make a toast and so begins the Dinner and Tournament.
 Ceremony fit for a King 
Only one shall be named "Champion to the King"
The six Knights of the Realm
We sat in the blue section and cheered for the strength and the courage of our Knight from the East.

Battle begins with the thunder of hooves and the crash of lance and shield.
A Stranger Arrives
Jousting in the Great Hall

The final battle begins. Good vs. Evil It is a battle to the death.
The realm has a new Champion!
After the Show...
Keep your cameras out. You can meet and greet the Knights, which is fun for the kids and Moms (swoon).
Yep, that's my sister Jessica and I giggling like we're 12.
Our husbands took photos and might never let us live it down. 

A gift for you!!!
You are invited to Join The King's Court (it's free) 
And become a member of The King's Birthday Fellowship (also free)
To celebrate your birthday, members of The King's Birthday Fellowship will receive free admission with a paid admission to be used during the week of their birthday.

for an introductory rate-

For reservations or Tickets online:
or call 1-888-WE-JOUST (888-935-6878

This is not a paid post. My family and I were invited guests at the premiere of the new show.


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Anonymous said...


redacciones en castellano said...

Es una gran entrada para todos, un gusto que la hayan compartido para tod publico un saludo desde Argentina

redacciones en castellano said...

Es una gran entrada para todos, un gusto que la hayan compartido para tod publico un saludo desde Argentina

artículos de limpieza said...

So beautiful jornal! uncredible

Jardinería en Madrid said...

Definitivamente has de emprender un nuevo camino!

planes de vivienda en Córdoba said...

Que hermosa entrada, es como lo hemso visto!

gesund said...

Es ist eine großartige Eintritt für alle, ein Geschmack, dass die Öffentlichkeit für alle Grüße aus Argentinien geteilt haben

mom and kid corner said...

So schön Jornal! uncredible

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