Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miraclebody Jeans: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a mom blogger in search of jeans that fit, day after day she bravely ventured into dressing rooms... these jeans are too short, these jeans are too tight, never could she find the jeans that were just right. She searched every mall in all the land.

One day a little birdie named twitter delivered an invitation to a friend's home (thanks Momfluential) for a Miraclebody Jeans party. She had never heard of the new Miraclebody Jeans. Was this an invitation to the ball? Was it finally time to meet her Denim Godmother?

She walked in the room to see the jeans hanging, waiting just for her... as she took them off the hanger something felt different. There was a softness and stretch to them she had known before in her favorite leggings. Could it be? A smile swept over her face, first one leg then the next, she effortlessly slid them on. The jeans fit like a glass slipper made just for her. She looked into the mirror mirror on the wall. She was the fairest of them all, she looked 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds. Once she had found the jeans made just for her, she lived stylish and comfortably ever after.

This is my story. I am the queen of jeans, I wear them everyday but I had yet to find the perfect fitting jean. 10 years ago I became a mom, in the nine months I was pregnant the style of jeans changed to low-cut. Along with my son, a plumber's crack and muffin top were also born. I was never able to find the right fitting jeans until now.... Miraclebody has made a new jean unlike any other and found a way to fit all shapes and sizes!! And did I mention they are made in the USA?! These jeans should be called "The New Mom Jeans!" I am a mom on the go, I needed a jean that is going to move with me, have the perfect rise and just enough coverage in the back AND that's exactly what I got!!!!

As I mentioned before I was invited to a party and given a pair of these heavenly jeans. I have to admit, a little on the pricey side I don't think I would even try $110. jeans on BUT... consider the effort on actually losing 10 lbs., consider the cost of liposuction then consider: looking great in really comfortable jeans=Priceless (Photo courtesy of Julie -thanks!)

Perfect fitting jeans are no longer a Fairy Tale....
Miraclebody Jeans are reality!

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Black Belt Batalax said...

Sounds too good to be true! Are there any pix of the different styles?

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