Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Project Natal" Xbox 360: It's All Fun And Games

I've heard rumors about "Project Natal" for Xbox 360 (pronounced Nay-tall), no controllers, no wires, just your body and your avatar..... really? Yes, Really!

My family and I were invited to a "sneak peek party" to play their first version of "Project Natal". Let's start with the name. In case you haven't heard of this from your kids yet- you will soon enough it'll be the new hot item to have and on every holiday wish list. Project Natal sounds a little like a science experiment crossed with a blockbuster spy movie starring Matt Damon. And that alone is intriguing to me. So hubby, neenie (g'ma), 10yr. old gamer, and I were off on our first "Project Natal" experience. We were greeted by the really friendly Project Natal Team of gals and given (to keep) a new handy dandy FlipCam to record ourselves while playing. We did not disappoint, silly we were!

Flip video coming soon....

It looks like we're going the hokey pokey I know, but by the looks on our faces you can see how much fun we were having. We were playing the only game they were sharing with us for now, Dodge Ball. More games will be released and another get together for playing is coming soon, I hope! My family had 3 generations at the party, this is fun for Grandparents, Parents, and of course kids~ It is so nice to find activities for kids to be interacting with adults that is fun for everyone and best of all it keeps you active!!!

*Warning: not recommended for couch potatoes!

Check out these posts from two of my ladies.....
And my sister's post with FlipCam video:

Thank you to The Project Natal Team for letting us be part of the Xbox 360 family!
We can't wait to play together again soon~

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