Thursday, June 24, 2010

Xbox Kinects Families

A new way to Kinect

with your family is coming to

your living room this November!

Formerly know as "Project Natal"....

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has introduced a new kind of gaming perfect for the whole family. There are a wide variety of games to suit ages 3 to 103. Below are of a few of my families' favorites. The Kinectimals game is cute and cuddly and allows you to have a "virtual" pet and is great for the young ones. Kinect Adventures! is fantastic for the family to play together... it's more like a ride than a game and totally fun!!! Dance Central is the ultimate party in a box- (our favorite dance move is the Fresh Prince) This game will be played everywhere... from dorm rooms, to 40th Birthday parties not to mention the tween scene. From toddlers to seniors there is something for everyone and without the complicated controller.
For the first time ever there is a gaming system without controllers.

You are the controller....

Everyone can play these games!

*More photos coming soon*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How do they do it? This new Kinect is totally controller free! You move, it moves! It is so cool!Put this on the Top of your Christmas List and Kinect with your family and friends!!

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